Morvera Digital Procurement System

Morvera is a procurement system which digitalize procurement operations from demand to order. It is developed by people who are expert on

procurement processes in local and multinational organizations covering all needs of a procurement team, management, and relevant stakeholders.


The main goal of the system is to remove paperwork from procurement process and to provide effective, efficient, and risk-free procurement operations

in small and medium enterprises.


In order to minimize the operational cost of the system, Morvera is designed on cloud framework, yet, it can be available on organization’s data center upon request.

In both options, payments are done on monthly basis including new versions of the system and maintenance without requiring any additional fees.


With its user friendly and simple functionality, Morvera is also available on mobile devices enabling all procurement functions exists on desktop.


Due to its robust framework, Morvera is compliant with personal data privacy regulations.


The system also provides various reports and dashboards to ensure effective decision making from  short term to long-term strategies for organization’s spending and its suppliers, and to enable transparency of procurement operations.


Morvera can integrate with organization’s ERP system whenever it is required.




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